South Seas Airbrush Tanning

South Seas Airbrush Tanning

By Salon D Certified Spray Tan Specialist Alexa DiMaggio

Salon D is excited to announce that we now offer South Seas Airbrush Tanning as a professional salon service! South Seas is used by Dancing with the Stars, Victoria’s Secret, True Blood, and Dexter to name a few. Our Certified Spray Tan Specialist, Alexa DiMaggio tells us why she chose South Seas and gives us some tips on how to insure your tan will last!

Why Chose South Seas Airbrush tan applied by a trained professional vs. stepping into a “spray tan machine”?

South Seas is organic, paraben free, and sugar/plant based. This means no need for nose plugs, hair nets or barrier creams. Your technician has the ability to customize the spray and air flow to give you a natural and even tan.

Once the Solution is sprayed on your skin, it dries within 20 seconds and does not leave a sticky residue. This is HUGE! Typically when you get out of a spray tan booth you are drenched and have to towel off before getting dressed. This is now a way of the past; get sprayed then get dressed.

How can I prepare my skin before my appointment to insure my tan looks great and lasts as long as possible?

Preparing your skin correctly is a MUST! All of your waxing, shaving and facial treatments should be done prior to your service. The morning of, or the day before, your tan is when all of your exfoliating should be done. Try to avoid using lotions or using scrubs and body washes that contain oils. These things will not allow the tanning solution to pentrate as well as they would on clean, dry skin. Arrive to your appointment

If you do not choose to wear a swimsuit during your tanning session I HIGHLY suggest using a tanning sticker. Usually if you do not have some sort of a tan line from a swimsuit it is very hard for you to remember just how tan you actually got. This is key on seeing how quickly your tan fades, and helps you pinpoint the best time to rebook your appointment. Everyone’s skin takes the product differently just as everyone’s tan fades off differently.

How do I care for my tan once I leave the salon?

Avoid showering, swimming, or perspiring for the amount of time allotted by the professional. I know the Texas heat can make it very difficult to avoid sweating, but this is oh-so-important. Until your tan develops, your perspiration will cause your tan to bead thus causing white spots… and no body wants white spots on their freshly airbrushed tan! If you happen to sweat or drop a little water on yourself before your tan has fully developed you can try blending the spot with a damp (not wet) towel. You might also want to purchase a can of Tahitian Tan Mist which is essentially the same product used during your airbrush session but in aerosol form. This product is great for touchups on your body and face.

You may also wish to use some form of tan extender or a daily gradual tanning lotion to help boost the life of your tan. Avoid harsh scrubbing or excessive water exposure.

MOST IMPORTANTLY- Make sure you lock in your tan with lotion after showering. This is key to enhancing the life of your tan.

Book your South Seas Airbrush Tan with us today!

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