Amenities at Salon D

Salon D's amenities are updated regularly for technological convenience. In Addition our tenants have the option of handling their schedules any time via their own laptop/smart phone.


Salon D provides a full shampoo staff to service the stylists' clients for them. Each client at Salon D is treated to a relaxing shampoo that includes a complimentary neck as well as scalp massage. Our shampoo technicians are trained and licensed to apply toners, neutralizers, and deep conditioners. In Addition we provide this service for each tenant so they may fully utilize their day.


The reception service checks-in clients for all tenants and offers them refreshments while the stylist gets setup for their appointments. This allows a professional environment that welcomes all clients to Salon D. The receptionists will also schedule appointments for the stylist if needed.  As a result, this service enables a tenant to fully concentrate on the client in their chair.


At Salon D, we believe that our environment is a reflection of ourselves. We have always received a superior rating in inspections for cleanliness and sanitation from Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. We employ a full time cleaning service to help tenants be more productive in conducting their business while working in a clean and neat environment. The cleaning service includes:

-Sweeping after each client.

-Washing, drying and folding towels, smocks and capes.

-Mopping and vacuuming the entire salon every night.

-Dust/Wipe off stations, chairs and mats.

-Restroom, Breakroom and Dressing room.

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