Paid and sick leave

Paid and sick leave for an independent contractors is something we understand. As a stylist, it is quite difficult for you to be off work for long periods of time without losing clientele. We understand that life happens and we are all for it! Salon D will retain your clientele for you while you are indisposed. This amenity allows you to leave when you need to and return without having to take a loss.

When a stylist wishes to utilize this amenity, the salon staff will take care of your clients needs up to 4 months. What qualifies for the this amenity?

  • Materinty leave
  • Sickness leave
  • Family leave
  • Personal leave

The proceeds for the paid and sick leave amentiy will be split evenly 50/50. This means the stylist will receive 50% of the proceeds while away every Monday. This will be in effect until the stylist returns. Upon the stylists return, the use of Salon D's assistants is available at all times to ease you (as the stylist )back to work from your time off.

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