This is our Salon D blog, your one stop for all the latest & greatest in the beauty industry. We will be featuring articles covering the latest trends, including  color, hair extensions, hair care products, and beauty treatments. 

Keep an eye out for these future topics of discussion:

  • Keratin vs Brazilian Blowout?
    • Keratin & Brazilian Blowouts are both keratin smoothing treatments. Both treatments help repair the hair, add moisture while reducing frizz & adding shine. There are some key differences between the two and the staff at Salon D will help guide you to the correct service for your hair needs. 
  • What is the difference on the different types of hair extensions?
    • Salon D’s extension specialists know the in’s and out’s of all the latest techniques in the hair extension world. They will help create a bespoke look for you that works with your lifestyle. Itips, Tape-ins, Fusion, Keratin Tips, Handtied Wefts, Volume Wefts, Toppers, Wigs & Clip in hair extensions are all discussed in this post. 
  • What is a YumiLashes Lift?
    • YumiLashes Lift is a Keratin based lash lift that lasts 8-12 weeks. YumiLashes Lift enhances your own natural lashes, giving the look of lash extensions without the need for them.
  • How do I take care of fantasy colors?
    • Fantasy colors are growing in popularity. The vivid shade of Bllie Eilish’s neon green roots, Kendall Jenner’s dusty lavender peekaboos, to the bright and bold colors of Kylie Jenner,  Gwen Stepahnie & Rachel McAdams, all need a little extra TLC. This post will discuss the best products to use for crazy vivid hair to ensure the longevity of fashion shades. 
  • What are the best products for dry hair?
    • Hair, skin and nails are made of the same thing, Keratin. Like skin,  hair can be dry, and this post will help guide you to options that will help replenish & hydrate dry hair. 

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