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Salon D blowouts are for any occasion, from a night on the town, business trip,  to lunch with your friends. The stylists at Salon D cater to all hair densities and textures. Whether you have fine or thick hair, straight or unruly hair, we are here to help you.

Blowouts are styles that are achieved with the use of a hairdryer and a round brush. On average, our round brush blowouts  can last 2-5 days depending on the texture of the hair. A blowout service can take anywhere from 30 -90 minutes depending on hair density, length and texture.

Weekly blowouts provide clients with added time to their lives. Many Salon D clients will opt to get a blowout before a business or vacation trip to ensure that their hair is one less thing to worry about.

Keeping your hair healthy is number one priority in a blowout.  Stylists will use the proper heat setting on their hair dryers for your hair texture. They will also use a thermal protectant to minimize any dryness or damage from the dryer.  

At Salon D, we will provide you with tips and products to help you maintain your blowout as long as possible. 


When you arrive at Salon D for your blowout you will be greeted by your stylist. Your stylist will walk you back to the shampoo room for you to experience the amazing shampoo staff of Salon D.

The shampoo experience at Salon D is bar none. This includes a relaxing neck and shoulder massage. Each client receives two shampoos. The first shampoo cleanses the scalp and the second shampoo cleanses the rest of the hair.  A conditioner or hair mask is then used to add shine and thermal protection. 

Salon D stylists will use the proper products for your hair texture.  Our stylist can provide . you with a smooth and sleek blowout or voluminous style. Heat styling products are used to protect the integrity of your hair. Anti- Humidity and anti-frizz products will ensure your style's longevity.  

The stylists at Salon D are trained to round-brush hair to minimize snagging, tangles, or unnecessary pulling while keeping heat away from the scalp.  A stylist will use a ceramic, boar bristle or a combo of the two for your unique style 

We want all our customers to relax and enjoy the process when getting a blowout at Salon D. 

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