Vivid Hair Color

Vivid hair colors are outside the traditional realm of hair color.  Vivids are also known as fantasy colors, fun hair color, rainbow colors, unicorn hair or mermaid hair. These colors can range from deep jewel tones, vibrant neons and soft pastel tones.  Emerald, Rose Gold, Galaxy Hair, Opal, Rainbow, Aqua, Purple, Magenta, Silver, Electric Neons, Lavender, Coral, Tangerine… the possibilities are endless with our Vivid Specialists at Salon D.

tangerine hair

Vivid hair is at its best when it is applied to pre-lightened hair.  The lighter or blonder the hair is, the truer the vivid will be. The lightening process should be coupled with a bond builder like Olapex or Brazilian Bonder B3, to preserve the integrity of the hair will it is being lifted.

fantasy hair color

What is a Semi Permanent Color?

The colors used for this service are semi permanent.  This means that vivid colors or direct dyes sit on top of the hair shaft.  The color molecules of these fantasy colors are too large to fit in the cortex of the hair like traditional hair color. This means that everytime vivid hair is washes, the color will bleed. 

fun hair color

We recommend having darker towels, sheets and pillowcases. Eventually vivid colors fade out over all. The more the hair is washed, the quicker the vivid color fades.

mermaid hair


There are color tones that last longer than others.  Deeper jewel tones last longer than pastel and opalescent tones.  Warmer tones like magenta and purple last longer than blues and greens. To ensure the longevity of vivid colors, clients need to:

vivid hair color

  • Wash their hair with cold water.
  • Wash 1x-2x a week max for ultimate longevity.
  • Incorporate a Dry Shampoo. 
  • Use a vivid deposit shampoo/conditioner to keep color longer. ( Viral by Celeb Luxury or Overtone)
  • Maintain with  sulfate free, color safe products
  • Use a thermal protectant when using hot tools. 

pink hair

vivid hair color

fantasy hair color

silver hair

green hair

Vivid hair is not one size fits all. A consultation is required for an accurate estimate and pricing. 

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