Salon D Stylists

At Salon D, we offer our top stylists to help you achieve your hair and beauty goals! Coming in for a keratin treatment or a hair color correction? We have you covered! Our stylists work tirelessly and can be easily reached by calling the salon. We highly recommend you schedule ahead of time as our stylists are constantly booked and serve on a first come basis.


Ardem Keshishian - Owner, Master Stylist

Instagram @salonddallas

Ardem Keshishian Master Stylist

Rachel Ani - Master Hair Extensionist, Vivids Color Specialist

Instagram @therachelani

Call Rachel

The Rachel Ani Stylist

Shawna De Armon

Shawna De Armon Stylist

Stephanie Ramirez - Balayage and Color Specialist

Instagram @stephshairart

Stephanie Ramirez Stylist

Sarah Hester

Call Sarah

Sarah Hester Stylist

Chris Vrana

Chris Vrana Stylist

Ana Alvarado

Call Ana

Ana Alvarado Stylist

Tuan Hong Stylist

Patty McKinney

Patty McKinney Stylist

Eric James

Call Eric

Eric James Stylist

Andrea Cunningham

Andrea Cunningham Stylist

Shiva Vashani - Cut & Color, Threading, Hair Extensions Specialist

Shiva Vashani Stylist

Cheryl Lloyd

Call Cheryl

Cheryl Lloyd Stylist

Ginger Butler

Call Ginger

Ginger Butler Stylist

Instagram @nayoungsalon

Robert Jordan Stylist

Robert Jordan - Hair Cut Expert

Michelle (Na Young) Jeong Stylist

Susan Beaurline - Cut & Color Specialist

Call Susan

Susan Beaurline Stylist

Tracy Denison-Patek - Cut & Color Expert

Instagram @tdphairdesign

Call Tracy

Tracy Dennison-Patek Stylist

Tacie Stanfield - Cut & Color Hair Extensions Specialist

Call Tacie

Tacie Stanfield Stylist

Victoria Levine - Cut, Color, Hair Extensions Specialist

Victoria Levine Stylist

Emily Bonney Stylist

Kris Layman

Call Kris

Kris Layman Stylist

Patrick Orand

Patrick Orand Stylist

Thomas Weiss

Call Thomas

Thomas Weiss Stylist

Dora Hammer

Call Dora

Dora Hammer Stylist

Dena Wilson

Call Dena

Dena Wilson Stylist

Jill Ruse

Jill Ruse Stylist

Angie Tittle

Call Angie

Angie Tittle

David Ackmann

David Ackmann Stylist

Charlene Cutbirth
Whitney Johnson

Catherine Yike

Call Catherine

Ananda Ritz

Call Ananda

Crystal Merritt

Call Crystal

Dai Phan

Call Dai

Loan Ngo

Call Loan

Kaci Bennett

Call Kaci

Kelsey Marsh

Call Kelsey


Rachel Ani– Master Hair Extensionist
Kaci Bennett – Hair Extensions
Kelsey Marsh-Hair Extensions
Stephanie Frey – Lash Extensionist


Soudabeh Pouyan

Call Soudabeh



Jeannie Cong

Call Jeannie

Yasmine Muzaffar

Call Yasmine

Toni Strait

Call Toni