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The Best Hair Salon in Dallas – The Top Haircuts for 2021

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The best hair salon in Dallas is overrun with people requesting the below eight styles. Let us know if you think one of these would look good for you.  hair, new me. That’s the motto, right? Well, at the very least, we know a fresh trim can make you feel fabulous and provide a level of confidence like no other. With 2021 already a quarter way through, we analyze the trending haircuts and why everyone is getting them.

Like fashion, cars, and music, everything goes in circles. We can confirm that the 70s are back and here to stay. Heavily layered shags, curtain bangs, and even mullets.

But for those not feeling the retro vibes and those that want a cut with low upkeep – blunt ends and minimal layers and a superb choice. If you’re looking for the best hair salon in Dallas, Texas and a cut that makes you feel invincible, then read on. 

The Mullet Cut

This style was rocking in the 70s, and the famous lady that’s brought it back into fashion is pop singer Miley Cyrus. The adage “business in the front, party in the back”, rings true with this infamous style, prompting shorter face-framing layers and added length in the back. If looking for the best hair salon in Dallas, make sure your stylist can cut with a razor for a textured finish that sets you apart and gives you an edgy look and feel. 

The Mullet Cut
The Mullet At The Best Salon in Dallas

Curly Bangs Cut

Get those curls and make them last. Another 70s trend back with a bang. See what we did there? This retro look can suit any hair texture, and we are starting to see bangs and shorter face-framing pieces become regular – with curls to make your face pop. The best hairstylists in TX will leave a bit of length so your hair doesn’t bounce around too much. 

Curly Bangs Cut
Curly Bangs At The Best Salon In Dallas

Low Upkeep Trims Style

COVID has changed the way of the world. Not only with health and wellness but also with how we choose to style our hair. With so many people working from home and sometimes having limited access to a hairdresser, people choose hairstyles with little maintenance needed. Cuts that still look good when you air dry and don’t style too much. 

A blunt cut is perfect for straight hair and makes it appear thicker with a few soft angled layers around the face. Wavy hair needs more layers, and naturally curly hair requires a curl pattern to keep things low maintenance. Remember to take shrinkage into account. 

The Shag Style

This style has seen its fair share of historic cuts and is finally coming back into fashion. Shorter layers around the face are the signature of a shag haircut and once again requires amazingly low maintenance. This style is highly versatile and can complement many different face shapes. Think “hair salon near me”, get in the car, and on your way to a shaggy but fun look. One famous lady that is recently sporting this style is singer and actress Selena Gomez. If she rocks it, I’m sure you can too. 

The Shag Style
The Shag Style At The Best Salon In Dallas

Shaggy Layers Cut

2021 is all about the layers, and this cut represents that. It’s low-key, it’s sexy, and it’s fun. The face-framing layers will grow out with ease and should be carved from the inside of your cut. It creates a rough and pieces look, perfect if you are feeling like something new and exciting. We recommend hunting down the best hair salon in Dallas to attempt this cut because it can be a little bit tricky from time to time. A more experienced stylist will nail this with ease. 

Shaggy Layers Cut

Shaggy Layers At The Best Salon In Dallas

The Bob Cut

The bob is timeless. It’s iconic. And it looks great when your hair is straight and glossy. We also recommend adjusting the cut to fit your face shape and, of course, your personal style. If you want shoulder-length, chin-length, blunt, choppy, or textured, it’s all possible – you just need to let your stylist know the direction you want to take. The opportunities are endless, so if you feel bold, then take the plunge and try something different. The best hair salon in Dallas, TX, uses hot tools to style your bob, allowing for the perfect haircut. 

The Bob Cut
The Bob Haircut At The Best Salon In Dallas

Curtain Bangs Style

This hairstyle was deemed extremely popular in 2020 and is continuing to rise in 2021. They are super cute and allow for a soft and natural grow-out phase compared to traditional bangs. This is perfect for someone who wants to spend longer between cuts. Halle Berry has made this style her own. And you can too. 

Curtain Bangs Style
Curtain Bangs At The Best Salon In Dallas

Hair Extensions Cut

We all know your hair can take months and years to grow. Be patient with it – or get extensions. Perfect if you want that longer flowy look in 2021. They are also superb while you are in the awkward grow-out phase that often makes your hair look horrible. Hairdressers are a great person to ask if you want to get your extensions professionally placed. Just make sure they have a similar to your natural hair. You want it to look as authentic as possible. The best hair salon in Dallas should have many options – so you can choose something to your liking. 

Stop wasting time and take advantage of all these fabulous hair trends. Reinvent yourself and define a new you. Whether it’s a 70s looking mullet style or a classic bob – this year’s options are endless, and each style provides a unique appearance. 

Hair Extensions Style
Hair Extensions At The Best Salon In Dallas

Where can I get a style I love?

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