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Genesis of J&K

J&K Shampoo and Conditioner isn’t just another product on the beauty shelf. It’s the culmination of years of expert experience, a passion for excellence, and a mission to redefine haircare standards. The birth of J&K is a tale of creativity, ambition, and a relentless pursuit of perfection.

J&K’s founder, Ardem Keshishian, a hairstylist since 1986, aimed to surpass existing hair care products for Salon D clients.

Key Milestones

  • The initial concept drew from Keshishian’s vast experience in the hair-world birthing a vision for a cutting-edge, in-house product.
  • Product formulation was meticulous, leveraging natural and effective ingredients, which underwent rigorous testing to ensure they surpassed industry standards.
  • Launching at Salon D allowed J&K to garner direct feedback from clients, fine-tuning the formula to perfection.
  • Expansion into the e-commerce arena meant J&K could reach a wider audience, introducing salon-quality hair care into homes globally.
  • A growing customer base attested to the product’s excellence, driven by strategic marketing and genuine word-of-mouth endorsements.
  • Industry recognition soon followed, celebrating J&K’s innovation, effectiveness, and dedication to sustainable beauty solutions.
  • The brand’s commitment to innovation saw it expanding product lines and surmounting borders to captivate an international market.

What J&K was Designed for

J&K aims to revolutionize hair care with quality products that prioritize results, user well-being, and environmental concerns. It combines salon luxury with home convenience. By prioritizing sustainable sourcing and ethical production practices, J&K stands as a beacon of innovation and responsibility. This dedication extends beyond just the products themselves, aiming to cultivate a community of informed consumers who value quality, efficacy, and environmental stewardship in their hair care regime.

Why People Love J&K


Clients have continued to praise the J&K product line for numerous reasons. J&K competes with top luxury brands like Oribe, Olaplex, Davines, and Pureology for higher-end market. Clients familiar with luxury products may appreciate J&K.

One of the best aspects of J&K that people rave over is the volume and shine. The days of dull, flat hair are a thing of the past. J&K trademark-pending formula acts to volumize and polish each strand from root to tip. It’s perfect for clients for a daily wash and for those that have color in their hair. It naturally restores the hair’s natural moisture barrier, pH balance, and texture for a genuine brilliance that shines from the inside out.

Another interested fact of why J&K is beloved by some many, is that it works for men as well. Men with longer hair (short as well depending on length) have had a great results from using J&K as well. A lot of the testimonials from men are from the standpoint of thickness, density, and texture; something the founders believe why most people love J&K.

Thorough Testing

J&K suits various hair types but may not work for everyone due to differences. Those who benefit will appreciate its salon-quality, nourishing formula. It is 100% paraben-free, sulfate-free, animal cruelty free, and vegan. 

Customer Testimonials

J&K’s success is evident in customer feedback, from Salon D to online platforms like Amazon. With a 4-star rating, users praise its luxury and effective care.


J&K Shampoo and Conditioner: innovative hair care with expertly crafted formulas and luxurious results. Founded in a salon, now a beloved brand. The brand believes all it takes is one good hair wash to bring your hair back to life. Try for yourself and see if J&K fits your hair needs.