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Hair Extensions



Get flawless and stylish Hair Extensions at Salon D! Our highly-trained stylists excel in the latest techniques for color, haircuts, and keratin treatments too. Experience the finest hair salon services with us. Book your appointment now!


Tape In Extensions

Tape In Extensions are a discreet and versatile solution for clients looking to customize their hairstyle. These small weft tabs, available in double-sided or single-sided options, are applied using a medical-grade adhesive, creating a seamless blend with natural hair. 

With their latex-free composition, Tape Ins offer flexibility and a flat appearance, suitable for all hair types. Requiring move ups every 4-8 weeks to accommodate natural hair growth, these reusable extensions can last 6-8 months with proper care and maintenance. 

Tape Ins are the perfect choice for individuals who desire quick application, want to blend short or choppy cuts, or have a sensitive scalp. Enhance your style effortlessly with Tape In Extensions!

Dallas, Texas • Since 1996

Keratin Tip Extensions

Keratin Tip extensions, also referred to as “K-tips” or fusion extensions, are individual hair extensions that are installed using a heating tool to bond or fuse them to the client’s natural hair using a silicone resin.

This method allows for unrestricted movement and enables versatile styling options like high ponytails and updos. The bond size is minimal, and Ktip extensions can be cut down to micro size strands, making them suitable for all hair textures. Unlike reusable extensions, Ktips have a lifespan of 3-5 months with proper care and do not require maintenance once installed.

They are particularly well-suited for individuals with active lifestyles, those who frequently wear their hair up, and those seeking minimal upkeep and long-term wearing options. Choose Ktips for a seamless blend and durable hair transformation that lasts!

Dallas, Texas • Since 1996

Itip Extensions

Itips, also known as microbeads or microlinks,  are individual extensions that are installed using a strand by strand application that is secured with a bead or cylinder without the use of glue or  heat.

The cylinders are usually made of a metal emulsion and can come with a silicone lining. Itips have a polyurethane tip, which acts as a cushion on the natural hair. 

Like a ktip, the strand by strand application allows for maximum mobility. Itips are suitable for all hair types, can be reusable and have a lifespan of up to 12 months with proper care and maintenance. 

Itips need to be moved up as they grow out with your natural hair. Move ups are usually between 4-6 weeks depending, on the hairs natural growth rate.

Itips are ideal for those who:

  • Have active lifestyles
  • Wear their hair up alot
  • Doesn’t want the use of heat or glue in application
  • Easy removal
Dallas, Texas • Since 1996

Weft Extensions

Weft hair extensions are versatile and low-maintenance options that provide natural-looking results. They are sewn onto your natural hair without the need for heat, ensuring hair integrity. Whether you prefer machine-tied or hand-tied wefts, they offer full density, coverage, and customizable color combinations.

Suitable for all hair types, wefts excel with thick, coarse, or wavy hair. With proper care, these reusable extensions can last 6-8 months. To maintain a seamless look, it is recommended to have your wefts moved up as your natural hair grows, typically every 4-6 weeks.

Weft hair extensions are ideal for those seeking maximum density and coverage, minimal upkeep, and an avoidance of heat damage. Embrace the convenience and beauty of weft extensions for gorgeous, hassle-free hair transformations.

Dallas, Texas • Since 1996


Both clip-ins and halo extensions provide quick, easy, and versatile applications to effortlessly elevate your look. At Salon D, we highly recommend 100% Remy human hair extensions for superior quality that allows you to curl, straighten, and style them to your heart’s content.

Our highly skilled extension stylists take pride in customizing clip-ins and halos to perfectly suit your unique needs, offering an extensive range of styles, lengths, weights, and colors to choose from.

Whether you have a wedding, a special occasion, or simply want to add volume, length, or a pop of color to your everyday routine, clip-ins and halos are the perfect choice. Discover the amazing benefits of these non-permanent extensions today and let your hair shine with effortless beauty!

*Consultations are REQUIRED before all hair extension services*


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