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Salon D specializes in reparative conditioning to bring your locks back to life. Deep conditioning provides moisture, strength  repairs dry as well as damaged hair.  The stylist at Salon D will select the ideal deep conditioning treatment for your hair. 


This is the perfect solution for those who want a glossy, mirror-like shine.  Hair gloss revives dry, dull brittle or sun damaged hair. A hair gloss penetrates the hair cuticle, conditions the hair, reduces split-ends while adding shine. In addition a gloss treatment also revives dry and dull hair while boosting the vibrancy of color.

hair gloss treatment

It is applied to the dry hair with heat under the dryer for 10-15 minutes and then rinsed out. We can customize natural tones, blend grey hair, neutralize unwanted brassy tones, and at the same time add significant shine to the hair for about 4-6 weeks. 

Price starts at: $50+


Olaplex is the original bond builder. It repairs and rebuilds the  disulfide bonds of the hair while protecting and strengthening the hair. 

Olaplex can revive dry, dull, brittle and damaged hair and will provide a beautiful shine. It can be added to any chemical service or be used as a stand alone professional deep treatment.

Price starts at: $40+


Diamond Botox penetrates deep into the hair shaft to provide  hydration and infuse the hair with Vitamins E, B3, and B5.  This Treatment improves hair elasticity,  adds shine, increases body and provides heat protection.

Diamond botox hair repair treatment

Price starts at: $40+


Diamond Botox | Aquage | Joico | Moroccan Oil | Oribe | Redken | Schwarzkopf | Olaplex



Keratin treatments are smoothing treatments. Plus Keratin is the natural protein of the hair. This treatment re-infuses the hair shaft with keratin, filling in the gaps of the cuticle, reinforcing the hair structure while adding shine.

This results in smoother and easier to manage hair that reduces frizz and styling time. Keratins do not chemically restructure the hair so the results are not permanent.

keratin treatment

Keratin treatments last 3-6 months. These treatments need to be maintained with sulfate free and salt free shampoo, conditioner and styling products. 

Keratin treatments are ideal for those clients with dry, frizzy, wiry and unmanageable hair. Some treatments require a 3 day waiting period before the hair is washed. 

Prices start at: $250+


A keratin blow out is a lighter version of keratin treatment.  A keratin blowout is ideal for finer hair clients that do not need the intensity of the traditional keratin treatment. 

keratin blowout

A blowout lasts 8-12 weeks. Keratin blowouts need to be maintained with sulfate free and salt free shampoo, conditioner and styling products.

An ideal candidate for a Keratin Blowout for someone who has a little bit of wirey hair and a little bit of frizz. A Keratin Blowout is a lighter vesion of the Keratin Treatment and does not have any down time. 

Prices start at: $150+


The Brazilan Blowout is the only smoothing treatment asked for by name. Through the use of breakthrough bonding technologies, these customizable smoothing treatments actually improve the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle.

brazilian blowout

Brazilian Blowouts are ideal for those clients with dry, frizzy, wiry as well as unmanageable hair and have no down time. 

Prices vary between: $150 - $250+


To be a candidate for a Thermal Straightening (AKA Japanese Thermal Straightening), you must have one or more of the following: Extremely curly, wiry, wavy, wild, impossible and out of control, unruly, unmanageable, fine to thick hair.

japanese thermal straightening

The results of the Thermal Straightening lasts:

For short hair: 2-6 months
Medium hair: 6-8 months
For long hair: 6-8 months

japanese thermal straightening

Salon D’s technicians specialize in the Bio-Ionic, CHI, and Rusk Thermal Straightening systems.

The ideal candidate would be for someone who has extremely curly hair, or "un-professional" curly hair, and would like straight hair.

Prices start at : $200+


A digital perm uses hot rods where the temperature of the rod is controlled digitally by a machine. A traditional perm is where just the perm solution is used. Digital perms require perm solution and heat.

The traditional perm results in a wave pattern that is more obvious when the hair is wet and looser when the hair is dry. In Addition digital perms result in wave patterns that are more obvious when the hair is dry.

PERMS - Create body and volume, or natural curls.

digital perm

RELAXERS - Tame, condition, and straighten hair.

digital relaxers

A good candidate would be for someone who has board straight hair and wants full, body, and curly hair.

Prices start at : $150+

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