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The bob is a classic haircut that has stood the test of time. From the 1920’s flappers, the iconic Vidal Sassoon A-Line bob, Victoria Beckham's graduated  style, the wavy & textured bobs of Charlize Theron or the sleek, smooth on long bob or lob of Jennifer Lopez - bobs tried and true style that is here to stay.

bob haircut

This haircut is a short to medium length cut that is generally past the ears but above the shoulders.  A bob has one length, A-Line where it's shorter in the back and longer in the front and they can be textured for shape and movement.  Also, bobs are versatile for all hair types and textures from fine to thick, straight to curly. 

Prices vary between: $50 - $100


A shag cut is a unisex hairstyle that is for the various lengths. So, this feathered and effortless style has also stood the test of time. Farah Fawcett's stellar cut, the rock and roll days of the 1970’s, the infamous Rachel Cut of the 1990’s, Taylor Swift and Julianne Hough styles, the shag cut is here to stay. And it aims to make the hair look full around the crown and the hair thins to fringes around the edges.

Shag haircuts are ideal for someone who wants and easy going hair-do. And it is a messy look with the least amount of blow-drying. 

Prices vary between: $50 - $100


A layered haircut adds volume, texture and fullness to  hair, while creating personality and movement. Furthermore, long layers are ideal for most hair textures and lifestyles. Moreover, feathered long layers remove weighed down bulkiness and reduce choppiness. 

long layered haircut
long layered haircut

Long layers in face framing provide a soft look while accenting the face. As shorter layers create the most volume but should be proportionate to the overall length of the haircut. Also, shorter layers spice up bob, shag or pixie cut.

Prices vary between: $50 - $100


A pixie haircut is a short hairstyle that was named after the mythological pixie fairies, which was canonized by Disney's Tinkerbell, Twiggy, Mia Farrow, Audrey Hepburn, Halle Berry,  and Michelle Williams as well as countless others. Moving on, Pixie cuts can vary from very short to a medium length that generally lays just above the ears. Pixies are usually shorter in the back and the sides but longer on the crown. Plus, Pixies are textured and layered and are styled  with textured, piece bangs. 


This is a great haircut for people who want minimal styling and an edgy look.

Prices vary between: $50 - $100


Fades are short haircuts that taper from short to long, from the nape of the neck and sides to the crown of the head. Moreover, a fade can be subtle or dramatic, from a longer top length gradually or dramatically fading to skin at the bottom. 

Fade Haircut

This is good for someone who wants a really, really super short haircut with an edgy look.

Prices vary between: $40 - $100


Curly haircuts can be worn in many hair styles and lengths. These haircuts are done while the hair is wet, styled with a diffuser, then detailed afterwards. 

curly haircut

This type of haircut benefits entirely from the numerous layers of hair. Also, this creates volume and adds lots of bounce. 

Prices vary between: $50 - $100


One of the crucial parts of creating a beautiful and seamless set of extensions is the haircut. The extension installation and color matching can be on point, however without out the cutting, blending and texturizing, the extensions will look like hair that is added on without shape, not an actual extension of your hair. Also, hair extension cuts are for clean, dry and straight hair.

extension haircuts

The extension stylists at Salon D will create layers to add a smooth transition from your natural hair to the extended hair. Plus, they will also texturize to remove bulky weight lines and add face framing to make sure your style looks great and add personality to your haircut.   

Prices start at: $100+


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